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Peytrals and Cruppers

breast strap, peytral, crupper

The set of Roman imperial panoply pectorals based upon the Kertch plate. Gilded plaques set with amethysts interspersed with large pearls.
A rump strap inthe same style will complete the set.

breast strap, peytral, crupper

A set of Roman pectoral (above) and rump strap.

breast strap, peytral, crupper

Detail of the brass pendants on the Roman pectoral.

breast strap, peytral, crupper

Medieval pectorals.

breast strap, peytral, crupper

Detail of the interior fastening of the black pectoral.

The red examples are designed to buckle to straps attached to the saddle in the manner commonly illustrated in medieval sources, while the black pectoral fastens through loops or staples fixed to the saddle and so may be used on a modern saddle.