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Events and markets forthcoming 2022

9th — 14th May: Kalamazoo Medieval Conference. On-line paper entitled ’When a joust could be suspenseful: the interplay between saddlery, armour and infrastructure“. Precise day and time to be confirmed.

14th — 15th May: Medieval Market, Lewes, Sussex

21st — 22nd May 2022: Medieval Market, Evesham, Gloucester.

4th — 7th July: International Medieval Congress. Leeds, UK. Paper entitled ’The horned saddle in Late Antiquity: practical reflections on its possible forms and their interplay with the physical dynamics of riding“. Precise day and time to be confirmed.

6th — 7th August: Battle of Evesham re-enactment, Evesham, Gloucester.

There will be other occasions yet to be confirmed.