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If you should be interested in commissioning some equipment, contact Timothy Dawson and discuss your project. Agree on the details and accept a quote. Then download and enact the saddle measurement instructions or the bridle measurement instructions. A deposit of no less than 25% of the quote places the order into the work schedule. This can be done by bank transfer (details on application) or through PayPal. (Identifier:


Levantia: Timothy Dawson’s website for historical information and non-equestrian products.

Societies: equestrian or equestrian inclusive

The Conroi: an equestrian display group covering all eras.

Destrier: a fifteenth-century jousting group.

Crusade: an umbrella society with a cavalry group doing medieval to Napoleonic eras.

Other companies

Historic Saddlery: Specialising in fifteenth-century jousting saddles.